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One of the projects for an information design class was to take an article and illustrate it. I chose the following:


The article I chose had a lot of percentage and comparison however they were all mixed which I found quite misleading and unclear.An example of this can be found when presenting the results of a study conducted in 2011:

The survey, the first of its kind, found that transgender and gender non-conforming people are four times more likely to experience poverty, while 41 percent have attempted suicide, 61 to 64 
percent were victims of physical or sexual assault, 78 percent reported being harassed, mistreated or discriminated against at work, and 19 percent don't have healthcare.

I looked deeper in the studies they used as reference and tried to portray the omnipresence of transgender woman of colour in the victims of homicide. I looked had what been done before on the subject and the aesthetic used when relating to the subjects of LGBTQ, Transgenders, Homicides, Bullying, etc. I did a few tests using the gender symbol, but felt that when using them as frame or content holder it became too cliche. I opted to use them as a texture. Initially I made the symbols with geometrical shapes but it lacked something. I started doing them by hand and I would argue it gives it more of a human perspective and a raw aesthetic which I felt was appropriate given the fact I was talking about Homicide Victims. The biggest challenges I had were to make a link between the 2 pie charts and the flowchart overall. In order to put emphasis on the omni representation of transgender woman of colour in the victims I had to give the proportion that they represent in the victims and survivors of Anti LGBTQ violence. Making a link between the two of them and explaining the difference between them proved a lot harder than anticipated. For the flow chart, I had missing data points to be able to have a full spectrum of the demographic of the victims. I think by simplifying it I managed to retain the essential information.

1TimeLine 2PieChart 3FlowChart tests