Cloud Chamber

Responsive Cloud Formation Atmospheres Workshop/Residency,
Synthesis Centre, AME, Tempe, Arizona
Topological Media Lab, Concordia University

In 2018 I took part in the Atmosphere Workshop at Synthesis Centre in Arizona. The goal was to explore different ways of interpreting and interacting with concepts of atmosphere.

The concepts of atmosphere and place denote concrete material-geographical domains as well as spheres of affect or ambience. One may speak of a place or the atmosphere, but one also has a sense of place; a room is charged with an atmosphere of anticipation;

As a result we spent time working on creating an interactive art installation/plateforme which would both help us explore concepts of atmospheres and other natural phenomena by making it it more tangible and palpable. A matrix of atomizers were responding to various input ranging from user presence to meteorological data creating a rich palette of textures, colours and lighting and changing relationships between the user and its environment.


COLLABORATORS: Desiree Foerster(Phylosophical exploration, sense making), Nima Navab(Concept, Design, Electronics, Programmation), Thierry Dumont (Electronics, programmation, design, instrumentation).

Cloud Chamber from Nima Navab on Vimeo.



Détails // Details

CLIENT : Synthesis Centre, AME, Tempi, Arizona and Topological Media Lab, Concordia University

DATE : 2018

TAGS : Collaborations, Installations, Research

WEBSITE : http://synthesiscenter.net/projects/atmosphere-and-place/