Liquid Light

This project was created by Topological Media Lab as part of the TeamMTL for the Solar Decathlon China 2017.

Through manipulation of liquid texture this light communicates overall trends in consumption of water over time. Water consumption data is gathered and the weekly usage is compared to the recommendation index provided by Ministry of Natural Resources, ambiently giving residents a general sense of adequate consumption on one end of the spectrum, to excessive levels of consumption on the other end, and any gradient in between.

Through refraction of light in mineral oil and manipulation of this liquid which acts as a filter, a textural pallet is created. On the periphery of sight, the visualization remains peaceful and non-intrusive; however, when at the focal point, this gradient of textures allows for a generalized comprehension of overall consumption habits.

Controlled drops of water create ripples that get magnified and mapped to the table belief.

The poetic language is simple here, drops of water correspond to gallons used per week. Multiple drop falling simultaneously symbolizes the excessive amounts of water used during that time period. The material texture of sensor data (water) is directly tied to the visualization strategy, which uses the same medium to communicate with the resident.

COLLABORATORS: Nima Navab(Concept, Design, Electronics), Thierry Dumont (Electronics, programmation, design, instrumentation).

Liquid Light, Solar Decathlon | Topological Media Lab 2017 from Nima Navab on Vimeo.

Détails // Details

CLIENT : Topological Media Lab, TeamMTL

DATE : 2017

TAGS : Collaborations, Installations, Objects