OMsignal designs and develops smart apparels with built-in heart-rate and breathing sensors to help people achieve active, fit and healthy lives.

I have been working with OMsignal from 2012 to beginning 2019. As part of OMsignal I have worked with the Bio-Engagement team, working on algorithms and data analysis and the Textile Innovation team which does material research, builds prototypes and brings them to production.

Smart Textile Innovation Manager (2013 > 2019)

  • Research and development in smart textiles
  • Manage research and development project from prototype to production
  • Build and develop prototypes to test new technologies or to develop new products
  • Interaction between various teams: Textile, Hardware, Algorithm and Plateforme
  • Find and test new technologies
  • Find new methods of assembly and confection
  • Report and documentation building to share results with internal or external collaborators
  • Build and establish protocols for testing and defining quality measures
  • Tool development for quality assurance and quality control

Biosignal analyst (2012 > 2013)

  • Data analysis
  • Algorithm performance analysis
  • Protocol development
  • Quality control and product analysis
  • Unitary testing



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CLIENT : OMsignal

TAGS : Objects

WEBSITE : https://omsignal.com/