Stock Box

For this project we created a kinetic bar graph. We wanted to explore the idea of ambient intelligence, and use data to create this physical interactive bar graph that could get you away from the screen to visualize live data of your choice (for now stock market values). The concept is fairly simple, create an object that could be placed in a room and would be discrete yet informational and could be mapped to the information of your choice. To accompany the bar graph we created a basic website that let you chose which bar of the graph was mapped to which stock. You could go online select one of the bar and chose which stock is associated to it.

In order to do this project we used a Processing sketch that gets live data from Yahoo Finance. We then map the value to a degree of rotation on a Servo Motor. As the motor turns so does the cam fixed to them on which are resting our wooden bars, as the cam turns the bar goes up or down.

TEAM MEMBERS: Pascal Champagne and Thierry Dumont

Détails // Details

CLIENT : Concordia 2012

DATE : 11/16/2012

TAGS : Collaborations, Objects