Walls Have Ears

This project consisted of an exploration of responsive architecture and giving a poetic life to walls. It stems from a previous research by Nima Navab and that we continue to push in different projects.

The installation consisted of a wall equipped with various sensors that would store sounds as physical deformation of the wall that was generated by a pneumatic systems embedded behind a flexible layer.

The goal of this project is to have the physical aspect of a room adapt to the user and environment around it. Giving it a functional behaviour through an intriguing and poetic alteration of its physical state. Using the room as an interface to interfere with the behaviour of the present by-passers or users in different context.

Looking at things like the behaviour of someone when he is being monitored or performing in front of others are things that inspired and drove the mechanisms of this project. The idea of a wall that was monitoring you and eavesdropping, storing all you are saying or the sound you are making as a deformation(Physical deformation of the wall) and then letting them escape as it recovers its initial state. Using a shape shifting wall to change the relation of the space. 



Détails // Details

CLIENT : Concordia 2016

DATE : 2016

TAGS : Collaborations, Installations, Research